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Welcome to Reliance & Co Accountants

Online Accountants  –  Friendly Staff  –  Tailored Advice & Solutions  –  Reliable and affordable Accountancy, Tax and Payroll services.

We are firm of Professional Accountants and Taxation Advisers based in Leicestershire. We provide an online national accountancy, taxation and payroll services.  These accountancy services are also available to the local community. We are passionate about accountancy and in providing our clients with the best, reliable, efficient and affordable accountancy service.

Our professional approach allows us to get in depth understanding of our clients and their expectations. With our technical ability we are able to provide a proactive advice on Accountancy, taxation and payroll services to ensure that the clients accounting and taxation needs are met.

We differentiate ourselves from others by visiting clients at their preferred locations, providing a clear tailor made strategy to meet the clients need.

We deliver our services which are simple, easy and efficient allowing the client to focus and concentrate on their core activities while we look after their accounting and tax affairs.

Reliance & Co Accountants is also all about

Nurturing strong relationship with all our clients and local businesses is important to us, providing a network of support for your business.

Trust, openness and honesty underpin our business. Our team will always be friendly and approachable and dedicated to supporting your business whether it’s just starting out or established.

Tailored services matched to your business, we offer a full range of services to ensure the financial well-being of your business.

Every business requires different levels and types of expertise. Whether it’s taking on day to day accounting activities, auditing, tax planning or utilising our expertise to advise and build a growth plan for your business, our team has the specialist skills to help you succeed in business.

Making your business life simpler, find all the information you need to manage your business finances on our website.

Why Choose Us

How happy are you with the service provided by your current accountants? Do they:

  • Positively help you identify opportunities to improve your profits?
  • Work with you to achieve your business goals?
  • Give you more time to run your business?
  • Provide proactive tax saving and planning.
  • Keep you up to date on the latest tax initiatives
  • Invite you to sessional events
  • Pay you to introduce clients

Reliance & Co Accountants give you peace of mind by looking after your routine financial and accounting operations. But we also do much more than that.

We use our business advisory experience and expertise to monitor your business and give you proactive advice on how you can improve your bottom line and net worth.

Our clients can expect:

  • FREE initial consultation
  • FREE access our £10,000 business growth system
  • quick turnaround
  • friendly and personal service that is tailored to meet their needs
  • A comprehensive range of specialist services.